Sunday, November 16, 2014

Changes, changes, changes

I have not been active for a while due to massive amount of changes that we were dealing with!

It has been almost 2 months since I started living in Ireland and working in Google and am slowly feeling very good here. Beginnings are hard though. If somebody tells you that they are not - they are lying :)

I do not recall feeling like this when I started working in P&G and moved form GdaƄsk to Warszawa back in 2004. I guess that worrying comes more with maturity and family responsibility. I learned a lot about me though and about how I make decisions in the last few months. 

What I found that helps is to have a plan of transition. I just finished reading The first 90 days by Micheal Watkins and I highly recommend this book if you are preparing for a role change in the same or different companies. It really helps to outline the process of what you are going through and how to plan for it. I intuitively did this by myself, but I missed a few things that the book recommends. 

The initial weeks really feel like you are drinking from a firehose - hence I had barely energy to pick up my computer to do anything else than watch series and fall asleep. The breadth of new information that you have to take in in short amount of time is really challenging to keep up with.
But after a few weeks - it starts getting better, much better. It also is helpful once you get some basic things out of the way. 

At the beginning - you question if you have made the right decision. You feel set back by years, as you do not have a car, you do not know anybody, culture is different... basically you feel like you just lost everything you worked for and you start from scratch. I talked this with many people here, as well as with my friends and the good news is: Everybody is going through this! So you get the support you need to go through these "panic" attacks. They are gone soon though :)

I start feeling now more rooted - we got the car (C4 Grand Picasso!) and we secured a house to rent from December 2014! 
Both are exactly as we wanted and I am very happy those two big milestones are out of the way.
House is wife approved and as the old saying goes - "happy wife, happy life" :)

I will write separate posts on both of these adventures and how they compare to what I have known from Poland.

I also started a journal with notes on my observations of differences between style of living in Ireland and in Poland. I'll try to share some of these thoughts as I go - maybe you dear readers will find this helpful for your own careers and changes.

And work is great - it is almost exactly how I pictured it. There will be big challenges ahead to keep me motivated and Google is .. well Google. You really cannot complain on working in the #1 company for employees. I love the fact though that P&G and Google are much more similar than one could imagine. However if you want to learn why - you will have to meet me over Guinness :) 

Enjoy the Sunday - I am off for a run and some good Veggie food from a nearby restaurant.