Monday, August 11, 2014

we have a new home in Dublin!

well.. At least for initial months :)

We have decided to move right into the city center, 2 minutes walk from Google offices. I feel like I am going back in time to my first home @ my parents - where I had 2 mins walk to school. This time only kept growing, with each new school / uni / job.

The apartment building called Skyline Alliance South Dock is located very close to the center of the city. It's got 2 bedrooms, so we can accommodate the full family.

This is only temporary though. We will look for a location outside of the center, some nice house with garden and max 30 min DART/bike commuting distance.

For starters - it will be great! 

Now off to searching for the car. Thanks to some contacts from my first school  - Tomasz Waliwander (did I mention I am going back in time..) and other people kind enough to offer me Ireland car guide in a nutshell, I know where and what to look for. 

Tomek actually suggest I get a nice used luxury gasoline car.. Like this Lexus.
I thought about Ford S-max 7 seater.

I think we will go really dirt cheap and practical with initial car, not knowing what to expect. I'll get this started right after the move. 


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