Thursday, August 7, 2014

Progress update on 30 day challenge - the diet!

It's been almost 2 weeks now that I started a fasting diet based on fresh and cooked vegetables (the list is like 15 positions, but mostly green salat variations as well as coli-flour, carrots, tomatoes as well as cucumbers) and yes - Pumpkin.

There are also very limited fruits (apples, grapefruit and lemon or limes permitted as well) - just in time for #eatapples campaign :) 

I'll cut to the chase: 12 days in I am 5 kg less! Belt is 2 holes tighter and I overall feel great! My withings scale says most of this is coming from Fat reduction. Hurrrayy!

This stuff works and I hardly feel hungry. I was very skeptical at the beginning but sometimes you just have to try when somebody you trust is recommending something vs. over-thinking it. 

This diet is based on self-healing abilities of our own bodies. The detailed how to is described by Polish Doctor Dąbrowska in her two books (Przywracac zdrowie żywieniem and Cialo i Ducha ratować żywieniem) but from what I can tell it is very close to the China Study. I just got the book and will compare it to Dr. Dąbrowskas veggie diet. - thanks to Ola Hallmann for recommendation!

The point is to give body enough nutrition and micro-elements/vitamins to be healthy but force it to go into fasting mode. In that mode it starts using all of the old deposits of fat, protein and other elements that you are not supplying with food and starts a self-healing process at the same time - shedding old skin, old layers of internal digestion systems, etc. 

I really was skeptical guys. I am an educated person that hardly believes in anything that does not have science behind it. But this to me makes sense. 

As a species - we used to be fasting (forcefully sometimes) in our human history and our bodies adopted to it via coping mechanisms that use up old stuff accumulated in our system. This is why many religions suggest fasting as well as eating moderately on certain days in a week. It just works.

In similar way that exercise makes you feel really good about yourself - this makes your body feel great. 

There are of course tradeoffs:

1) I literally do not have free time anymore due to the amount of food 
processing and preparation work that goes with it. I can estimate this takes at least 2 hrs daily.

1.1) The amount of stuff you have to buy to cook a meal is heeaavyy. It takes a full shopping cart and it is gone in 2 days :). We both eat through 10 kgs of apples and carrots each 2-3 days. See one below with my lovely Kinia helping me out. 

2) For 1 day - I had a massive headache (expected based on the book) 

3) I started feeling cold most of the time (expected) 

4) I had much less power in my muscles. I noticed this when biking to work - I cannot do 15 minutes anymore. I need 20. I still beat the crap of people in squash though using 800-100 kcal a match (basically more than I eat in a day) 

5) I sometimes crave for meat and some milk products. 

6) I had to give up ALL of the following (Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Coca-Cola Zero, Coffee, Earl-Grey Tea and basically anything that is not water). This has a positive effect on finances though :)

and... that would be it! There are much more pros even in elements I had not planned for:

1) We cook together with Monia. I learned how to chop fast (well fast-er) 
2) We really drink cool,tasty, fresh squeezed juices that are super ass kicking good.
3) I feel full most of the time
4) I started looking better and feeling much better. Much more energized and positive
5) I do not need coffee to wake me up. I just wake up. 
6) Sleep quality improved as well. BY a factor at least looking at the data from FitBit. I used to wake-up and move around 20-25 times a night. I do 1,2 now. 

Summing up

The diet is scheduled for 6 weeks. We are third of the way in and I plan to stick rigorously through it for the full 6 weeks and they introduce good quality meat and diary products slowly and well.. remain eating green stuff allowing occasional beer here and there. 

Thanks for the support (both in the office and virtual)!

Now .. How do I go through 2 weeks of vacations now in a hut in polish mountains still on this diet? We will see :)

Keep those fingers crossed.

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