Sunday, August 31, 2014

back from vacations - diet results....

I'll again cut to the chase - here is the email I recived from Fitbit after I synched when back in Warsaw

Yes - I managed to lose additional KGs even though I was 2 weeks in a clay hut.
Overall during the 2 weeks I lost 3 kgs and the overall diet got me 15 kgs less so far.

Of course we did not behave.. :)

Beer almost everyday :) (sometimes - Cherry Soplica) and a looot of fishes from grill.

However - we did not break the main rules - No bread, No flour, No fat. Juices and salads as 90% of daily intake.

We ate Lot's of veggies - Thank you Tesco Lesko! Not to mention I shared the hut with a multiple Iron man -  

Jacek Machata who took me for a few runs (for him more like walks) 

When I came back I jumped on the withighs scale and was positively surprised.
I got the lowest I had been since 6 years.

I am more than half way to my ideal weight with 1 week of diet to go! All of this in 5 weeks with more than a bit of add-ons :)

That means - that as long as I maintain off of the really bad stuff - everything will be allright.

And boy, oh boy - how I enjoyed those grilled fishes :)

The plan is to get to 70% of the goal weight in this week and later continue eating healthy, introducing fishes and veggie proteins fully. 

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed!

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