Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back from vacations!

and we are back from vacations!

I had used my paternity leave (2 weeks!) and we went with family and friends to the polish mountain side called Bieszczady.

We have rented a house made of clay in a small town called BaligrĂ³d.

The place was AWESOME! 
Here is how it greeted us:

The full set of pictures that shows you how beautiful Bieszczady are can be found on my Google Plus.

We have done a massive amount of walking and sight-seeing. 
I mean massive! and both our Kids have been with us all the time. I am sooo proud of Kinga - who at the age of 3.5 y has managed to walk even 14+ kilometers a day on mountain ranges going up 300+ meters and walking it down.  That's my girl!

This is the first time I was there so I dug up a reading list about the location to learn more about it's history before we started exploring. And it is quite grim but interesting. 

The place has been "cleared" by UPA (Ukrainians) during the IIWW. more than 120K people have been brutally killed inc. kids and whole villages. Reading about this genocide really made me appriciate that I live in XXI century 70 years after the war. 

The genocide caused this whole area to get as empty as it gets. Forests and vegetation have taken over villages and most of the areas we visited look empty and not touched by humans. Amazing sights:

Overall - this was one of greatest trips I have had in a while - great sights, a lot of excercise and wonderfull time with family!

Ping me if you want to learn more about the places we have seen.

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