Friday, July 4, 2014

here's to new beginnings

Wooohaa... !!!

This was the most difficult decision that I We have made as a family. 

Kocinski Family will relocate to Dublin Ireland as of September 22nd. 

I have taken a challenging role with Google after having worked 10 years in P&G. 

I can share with you a spreadsheet used for making the decision, but In short - It's DONE. I have signed the paperwork and are slowly starting to plan our relocation.

There is soo much to say and so much to do, that I cannot keep this in my head - that is why I have decided that this will be a great opportunity to start writing my blog about this expirience and about our learnings as we go through this.

The relocation, the goodbyes to great friends, collegues and family in P&G and outside.. a whole new start of a new chapter of my life. All of this is to come.

I am EXCITED and looking forward for this! 

Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted with updates as we go into this head-on.


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